SEARCH ENGINE optimisation made easy

Get more sales and make sure the right people see the right products!

Is your site slow?

Most people quit a website if it takes longer than 5-10 seconds to load.
Slow performance and long load times are also a bad penalty for traffic.

Traffic not increasing?

There are many reasons why your site might not be getting the traffic it needs - and we can help you find out what and why.

Climb the rankings

Only 10% of traffic actually click to the 2nd page on search results, find out how we can help you break onto the first page of results where 90% of traffic goes.

Highest Sale conversions

Organic traffic is one of the highest converting forms of online traffic - 30-40% of all searches click the first results.

Choose the perfect plan

We offer bespoke SEO packages to meet and match your requirements. As with all forms of marketing, consider SEO as an investment – the more you invest, the quicker and more better the return.


Fr £150 Per month

  • On-Page SEO
  • Site Speed Optimisations
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Reports and Updates


Fr £300 Per month

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Site Speed Optimisations
  • Basic Backlink Building
  • Basic Social Media Signals
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Reports and Updates


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  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Site Speed Optimisations
  • Heavy Backlink Building
  • Heavy Social Signal Improvement
  • Blog posts
  • HQ Written Content
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Reports and Updates

Frequently asked questions

Search Engine Optimisation, the name given to the process of optimising a website to be found and searched for efficiently online. Changes and tweaks made both to a site and off a site help to ensure traffic an find your website properly – and the right people see the right products.
SEO is such an important part of any website’s development these days and one of the reason why you see sites vying for the top spots on the first page of Google – ask yourself, how often have you checked the second page?

We offer a variety of SEO packages to help your website climb the ladder towards the lucrative front pages of the search engines. Consider it a marketing/advertisement investment, the more you spend the bigger and quicker the gains from Organic traffic via SEO improvements.

Each package is fitted to your needs – if you only need some tidying up and optimisations on the site, the basic plan might suit you.

If you have ambitions to seriously grow your traffic and build up your business, we’d recommend the bigger packages that include backlink building, social media signals and even high quality native English written blog posts.


Search Engine Optimisation is one of the major factors for your website being found in a simple text search. By doing SEO on your site, we are telling Google, Bing etc what your site is about, who it is for and what you offer.

SEO focuses your website like a lense onto the right audience, the right search terms and the right customers.

Paid advertising can work to an extent – but even that relies on some form of SEO to be able to target the right person.

We’d need access to your website, server and files in order to best deliver a full SEO service. We would look for files that would need fixing, images that needed optimising and wording that better matches it’s intended reader.

It isn’t as simple as simply making the website and putting it online with pretty photos – you need descriptions, keywords and other pointers that help to pull in the correct traffic.

We wouldn’t make any major changes without your input, and if we were to need to rewrite sections of your site we will check with you first. Our aim is to get your site performing better and bring in more sales.

This entirely depends on how soon you can give us access, how much you are willing to invest and the competition.

If you are a site catering to products using a low competition keyword for example, it’d be a lot quicker and easier to build up traffic than for a site that relies on a highly competitive keyword. The higher competition necessitates more investment and more work in order to beat the competition.

Don’t forget, many of your rivals will also have SEO being done on their sites in order to maintain their positions and sales.